St Luke's-Roosevelt Emergency Medicine Residency

During the SARS-CoV 2 pandemic, we are dedicating this page to easy access of system resources. For information on the residency, please scroll down!

SLR SARS-CoV 2 Resources (updated 3/31/20)

System Policies

Management of COVID System Policy (updated 3/31/20)

Epic Order Set

MSW Rapid Cardiac Evaluation Unit

MSM Rapid Cardiac Evaluation Workflow

Guidlines for reuse of PPE

Allocation of Ventilators Lecture (Dr. Ben Wyler)

Simulation Resources

SLR COVID Airway Pathway

SLR COVID Airway Sim Video (courtesy of our own Dr. Yasamin Soltanianzadeh!)

CCM Fellow Lectures

Ventilation and Oxygenation Lecture (Dr. Stoever, CCM Fellow)

Vent Basics Lecture (Dr. Patadia, CCM Fellow)

Basics of COVID

Precautions to Intubation (Anesthesia)

Intubation and Ventilation of SARS-CoV 2 Patients (Anesthesia)

SARS-CoV 2 Summary (Anesthesia)

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SLR EM By Numbers

170,000+ patients from all walks of life

60 phenomenal colleagues

50+ world-class faculty

4 distinguished fellowship programs

4 nationally-renowned teaching hospitals

3 unforgettable years of training

2 subsidized buildings for resident housing

1 unparalleled city as your playground

1 big family of residents, faculty, alumni and staff!

Mount Sinai Morningside

Mount Sinai West